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  1. To Do Automatic Execution to all updates in the folders just Make A batch file with the following code:
    dir *.exe /B Files.lst
    FOR %%G IN (*.exe) DO %%G /passive /norestart

    I wish it will be an automatic Download/ and Automatic Install as (Checked Option)

    Thanks for the great job

  2. Basil you are my hero!!

    Yours is the only clue I got about how to deal with that problem. I have had 90 updates for-ever-waiting to be install. ONE by ONE!! with the annoying REBOOTING for each !!! Off course is no way I can do that 90 times, who has the time or the patience for that. Who has?

    Thank you, I hope your batch file works; I am kind of apprehensive; I am a beginner with “Run”!

    LOL sorry patients … I work in a hospital! 🙂

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