The majority of internet users still use archaic resolutions

It has become the unsaid consensus over the years that NETMARKETSHARE is an accurate source for up to date data regarding the real world happenings of the internet. For me, the most important information they track is screen resolution. With the flood of new internet connected mobile devices, the revolution that was brought on by netbooks and the never ending wave of new monitor shapes and sizes, you cannot help but feel lost when you are doing your site design mock ups. Do you make your site wide? Do you make it narrow? What can users see vertically when they first open the page? Using a bit of excel kung-fu, I spliced up their resolution statistics and came up with the following table.

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Office 2010 kills Visual Studio 2008

microsoft-office2010My movie induced optimism for Office 2010 was quickly shattered this week after trying out the beta on my box. Having followed the best practice of uninstalling Office 2007 and rebooting before installing the beta, I was not prepared for the days of frustration that would ensue. After several hang dumps and a few days of futzing around, it was discovered that installing Office 2010 corrupts the Visual Studio Web Authoring Component. A quick search of Google also confirmed that this was a recurring issue with others as well. Martin Hinshelwood suggests repairing the installation. However with the prolific use of Visual Studio 2008 internally, I fail to understand how such glaring fault was allowed to slip through for a public beta. My suggestion is to uninstall Office 2010, go back to Office 2007 and wait for the next beta. This is a milestone that is obviously too early to be public.

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