Windows Updates Downloader 2.40 Build 1275 Released

I just published a new build of the Windows Updates Downloader, version 2.40 Build 1275.

Mostly little improvements based on community feedback such as allowing the window to resize and removing coloring of alternating rows. I also fixed a bug with the checkboxes that required double-clicking instead of reacting on a single click. Not quite sure how that slipped through in the previous build. At least it’s fixed.

I’ve almost got installed updates identification completed. I’ve managed to plug right into the Windows Updates Agent with a bit of help from a secret agent I know. I’ve identified the active operating system and the processor architecture as well. Once I figure out how to detect the native operating system language (and not the active culture), I’ll be able to implement highlighting and checkbox selection based on installed updates.

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  1. Ive downloaded thye latest WUB from two different sources. BOTH will not work. The programme opens and is shown on my PC..but every time I try to open and use it I get a SORRY unable to open will have to close error warning. Having previously “binned ” the earlier version…I will just have to manage without.

    SHAME really


  2. Just posted a “complaint” that the new version will not open. Have re-downloaded the previous version and it works perfectly…so it’s not my PC as I thought it might be

  3. I’m not trying to teach my grandmother, so please forgive me if it sounds a bit like I am! And I know my site could do with some work too! 😉

    I discovered your WUD site through a link from (yet another site that could do with some work!), and I love the idea, but until I found this page through a Google, I was very dubious about it’s legitimacy. So, I thought I’d take the time to list a few improvements that you might want to consider:

    – You mention that you use the MSFN forum, and you link to them, but don’t say what your name is, or link to your profile, or link to a MSFN search for WUD
    – You don’t link to this (or any other) site that would start to give your program credibility and gravitas
    – Contact Us/Bug Reporting/Forum etc.
    – EULA
    – I assume the WMP11 refers to Windows Media Player, but I have no idea how this would work, and you don’t give any clues
    – I’m sure there are lots of people who would be happy to collaborate with list-creation… however, it suprises me that this isn’t an automatic process, or that the software doesn’t just create its lists on-the-fly. Ironically, this page was the only thing that stopped me simply closing the site: I figured a malicious site would list more products, and auto-insert dates from the last week or two.

    All of these (or the lack, thereof), results in a very dodgy feel – I was expecting lots of malware warnings from my Google.

    I hope all this is useful – let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.


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